Mother reading with two girls


This brightly coloured book is great for the whole family to share together. Like the family in the video, you can read or talk about the pictures in any language. Lift the flaps and see if you can find the hidden images in the pictures.

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Little boy with picture book

That's Not My Train

The touch and feel elements of this book make it extra special. The wee boy in this film really interacts with the different textures and you can see the joy as he uses his senses to take part in the story. Notice how his mum gives him lots of time to explore the textures.

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That's Not My Dragon

The girl in this film is desperate to make some noise before she’s ready to join in with the story. Her mum and dad go with it and wait until she’s ready, at which point she happily joins in, counting the dragon claws and even singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

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Baby looking at picture book

That's Not My Monkey

The family in this video share the book in another language, which is lovely to see. Mum uses the pictures to read the story and translate the book. It’s easy to see from their smiling faces and all the laughter and interaction how much fun they’re having.

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Bookbug's Birthday Film

Parents and teachers from Forthview Primary in Edinburgh talk about why they love Bookbug

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Tom Bonnick

Tom Bonnick: What Makes a Good (and Bad!) Reading App

Nosy Crow's Business Development Manager on what to look for in a reading app.

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Nick Sharratt

Nick Sharratt: What's Great About Picture Books

The children's author and illustrator on the magic of picture books and drawing

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Margaret Clark: How Health Visitors Can Help

How health visitors can help parents encourage young children to learn

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Andrew Manches: Using Technology to Help Kids Learn

How parents can use digital technology as learning tools for small children

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Ten Little Pirates

A mum and daughter read Ten Little Pirates, part of the 2015 Bookbug Pirate Bag

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