Mum reading to her baby bump

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

A song or rhyme book is a perfect choice to read to your baby before they are born – and after too. Babies pick up on rhythm and rhyme more easily than regular speech and they will recognise the pattern of the sounds when they are born.

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Mother reading to infant

Peekaboo! in the Jungle

Although the baby in this video is having a sleepy cuddle, Mum takes this opportunity to gently share this lovely peekaboo book. She reads it in a soothing and gentle tone, so it’s a great time for baby to feel her voice while being close and snuggled up.

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Mum and Dad reading with daughter

Flip and Find Farmers

As soon as Dad shares the title of the book, the wee girl points to the farmer on the cover. Mum and Dad give her plenty of time to look at the pages, but follow her lead when she folds over the flap to show that she wants to move on.

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Maisy's Bus

Maisy's Bus

All aboard! This family love sharing Maisy’s Bus together. It provides a great chance for them to talk about what they like, what they dislike. Mum links what is happening in the story to their own experience and to things around them.

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boy and his great aunt reading together

Is That an Elephant in my Fridge?

This story gives Gavin and his Great Auntie a lovely moment to curl up together.

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Tracy holding up a book

Tracy Talks: Including Books in Your Bookbug Session

Tracy shares some of her favourite books for Bookbug Sessions

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Mother and baby reading a book together

Baby's Very First Black and White Book: Faces

This very young baby is enjoying a cuddle with his mum while they share the book. The bold, high contrast images make this book a great choice. Mum adds in lots of extra chat which is a great way to help baby learn and help him make connections between the book and his world.

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Mum and daughter reading

How To Bath Your Little Dinosaur

Bath time is a theme that children can relate to, and this sweet story is the perfect way to talk about how to get ready for the bath.

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Tracy Cooper smiling

Tracy Talks: Repetition

Tracy Cooper highlights the importance of repeating songs and rhymes over and over again, and shares some tips to keep families engaged.

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