Tracy Cooper and Bookbug doll

Tracy Talks: Pacing in Your Bookbug Sessions

Early Years Development Manager Tracy Cooper discusses the importance of getting the pacing just right in your Bookbug Sessions

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Tracy against a white wall with a bookbug picture in the background

Tracy Talks: How to Make Your Bookbug Sessions Welcoming and Inclusive

Easy ways to ensure all families feel welcome and at ease at Bookbug sessions

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Nicholas Dowdall

Nicholas Dowdall: How Book Sharing Supports Language Development and Family Bonding

Nicholas Dowdall, Doctoral researcher at Oxford University, explores the positive outcomes of book sharing initiatives in impoverished cultures

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Sabine Bonewitz

Sabine Bonewitz: How Picture Books Help Build Communities

Sabine Bonewitz, Head of the Family and Kindergarden Unit at the German Reading Foundation, explores the importance of picture books as a way of bringing families and communities together.


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Rowena Seabrook

Rowena Seabrook: Exploring Human Rights with Children

Rowena Seabrook, Human Rights Education Manager at Amnesty International UK, explains how picture books help us to explore human rights issues with children

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Annie Kubler: The Importance of Inclusivity in Picture Books

Annie Kubler, illustrator and Art Director at children’s publisher Child’s Play explains why it’s important for every child to be able to see themselves in picture books

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Mum and daughters reading together

The Bus is for Us

A mum reads Michael Rosen's The Bus is For Us, part of this year's Bookbug Explorer Bag

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Baby with book

This Little Baby

Babies love to look at pictures of other babies. You can see the baby really focussing on the pictures in this book. She coos and gurgles along, and wiggles her arms and legs – all signs that she’s enjoying the book.

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Mother reading with two sons

Dinosaur Roar

Do dinosaurs roar? Do dinosaurs squeak? This book of opposites will engage and delight children.

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Dad reading with daughter

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water

This story is about a crocodile who doesn’t fit in. A few pictures at the beginning of the story give a clue that he might be a bit different – notice how the dad in the video draws his daughter’s attention to this subtle hint before they start.

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