Inspiring Illustration with Jill Calder: Illustration Workshop

Anstruther, Fife
Paid, ticketed
Saturday 2 December 2017 10:30

During this session you’ll have the chance to get creative and become an illustrator yourself, with expert help from Jill Calder. You’ll learn how to draw sea creatures and make your own folding book, with a hand lettered title.

Spaces are limited so please contact us to book your place! Copies of The Picture Atlas will be available to buy at this event.

Inspiring Illustration with Jill Calder: Meet the Illustrator

Anstruther, Fife
Paid, ticketed
Thursday 30 November 2017 18:30

What’s being an illustrator like? How do you go about illustrating a book? Join us as we welcome local illustrator, Jill Calder, who’ll be explaining her work and creative process. She’ll also be giving us exclusive access to the original drawings for her new book, The Picture Atlas. Suitable for ages 10+

Copies of The Picture Atlas will be available to buy at the event and there will be an opportunity to have your books signed.

That's You on the Bookshelf

Kinghorn, Fife
Paid, ticketed
Sunday 3 December 2017 11:00

Create a collaged bookjacket for your favourite book, casting yourself in the main role! All participants are asked to pre-send a photo of themselves which will be printed out and ready to use. We'll use the photo to create a new collaged bookjacket... with YOU as the main character! A fun way to look at characterisation and illustration skills, and a chance to tell everyone why your chosen book is so good! For children aged 5-9.

Minging Macaroons and Lush Lemonade

Kinghorn, Fife
Paid, ticketed
Children, Young Adult
Friday 1 December 2017 16:00

Sample an intriguing range of foods in our unique Library Restaurant. White linen, relaxing music - and is that the clink of silverware on porcelain? Our attentive waiters and waitresses will encourage you to try foods from well-known books, and your job is to be the restaurant critic. How do you rate the foods? We move around the stations on the table sampling each food in turn, and filling in our own opinions on a sheet for comparing afterwards. Adventurous vocabulary is celebrated and giggling is highly likely!

Paper Banquet with Jill Calder

Kinghorn, Fife
Paid, ticketed
Children, Young Adult, Family
Sunday 3 December 2017 14:00

Hungry eyes? Draw your lunch! Internationally acclaimed illustrator Jill Calder will show us gorgeous spreads from The Picture Atlas, her most recent work. Jill will then lead a workshop in which even less confident artists are encouraged to experiment with bold drawing techniques. Ditch the knife and fork and use a pencil instead – have a shot at drawing foods from across Europe and beyond as we cover a huge sheet of paper with a delicious feast of drawings! For children aged 7-11 with their families.

Storybook Apple Pies

Kinghorn, Fife
Paid, ticketed
Children, Family
Thursday 30 November 2017 14:30

Everyone loves pie! But here are some pies with stories to tell… We'll be making delicious apple pies using creative shapes cut from pastry to create a picture on top of each pie. A fish, a bell and a heart... A bear, a star and a moon... What story could they be showing us? We'll eat the pies, tell the tales and share some pie-related stories together! For children aged 3-5 and their parents/carers.