Skint! Support Notes

Following research it became apparent that some support workers, facilitators, tutors and youth workers have enough experience, background information and resources to draw upon. They will be confident and comfortable in working with Skint! using their own creations or their own collections of appropriate materials. If this describes you then please go to the suggested approach or brief guidance notes section.

However, if you would like detailed guidance notes we have a wealth of suggestions and support for you in this section

Download a PDF version of Skint! here

Throughout Skint! there are opportunities to pause and discuss the situations the characters find themselves in. Find some discussion points here. Support workers can lead these discussions and draw upon real life examples, as well as further background information, from the useful web links and activity sheets in these support notes. For example, numerical/financial activities can be completed, at appropriate points, enabling skills such as adding, subtracting, ratios and percentages to be transferred into a variety of real life contexts. 

Skint! can be read as a group, one to one or used in a variety of role play scenarios.

In addition readers can increase their literacy skills further through creative responses to the stories, by developing alternative story-lines and endings. The endings are intentionally ambiguous, giving readers a choice of conclusions (therefore enabling learner-centred education).

Words and meanings can be explored by using the glossary and financial definitions.

If you would like to read case studies of people who have used Skint! as a resource, please download them below. Alternatively, if you are currently using Skint! with your learner(s) (or you are about to) we would like to hear from you. If applicable we will then share your experience as a case study. Please click here to provide your feedback. Thank you.