Skint Support Notes

Welcome to the support notes for Skint! They can be used to complement:

  • your hard copy of Skint!
  • a downloaded PDF version of Skint! (available here)
  • the accessible version (audio described/signed) at the link below


Skint! accessible version website

Click on the image to enter the accessible version of Skint!


NB. If the signed/audio version of Skint! does not appear on your screen you will need to install a flash player on to your computer. To install follow this link:


Listen to Skint! feature from Radio Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland originally broadcast this feature about Skint! Their interviewer, Bob Dickson, spoke to some young people who attend the Focus Learning Centre, Saltcoats, Ayr and found out about the excellent work they have been doing.

Watch a video of a dramatised performance of Skint!

This is a performance of an extract from The Other Side of the Coin: Jamie’s Story from Skint! The performance was developed by performers from Scottish Youth Theatre and performed as part of a Financial Capability event hosted by Standard Life, Scottish Government and Education Scotland in June 2011. Thanks a million to Fraser and everyone else at Scottish Youth Theatre for bringing Skint! to life!


Get some teaching ideas for Skint!

Watch this video of Koren Calder, our Young Adult Project Coordinator, explain and demonstrate an activity called the string activity, which aims to teach learners about the way decisions about money management affect other people.