Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Paul Collicutt


We were very lucky in June 2012 to have Paul Collicutt, award-winning author/illustrator of Robot City, with us for a week on the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour. We had a great week with Paul taking him to visit schools in West and East Dunbartonshire.

He brought his action-packed graphic novels to life for pupils showing them original artwork from the books along with introducing them to some of the robots who inhabit Robot City. We then spent many a fun hour with pupils designing and drawing their own robots -- there were some brilliant ones!

The series is one of the few graphic novels aimed at the early-to-mid primary range, and is popular with fans of robots and science fiction. The first book in the series, City in Peril!, was shortlisted for the 2010 Surrey Libraries’ Children’s Book Award. If you are interested in teaching the books in your classroom we have some great learning resources to accompany the books.


Teaching Resources

Get creative in the classroom with Paul's books follow the link below to find some excellent resources:


Event Pictures

Pupils from Hihdykes Primary School creating their robots
Paul showing off his sketchbooks at Whitecrook Primary School
Pupils from Whitecrook Primary School admire Paul's artwork
St. Joseph's Primary School pupils show off their awesome robots
Paul drawing robots for pupils at St. Andrew's Primary School
Paul talking to pupils at Craighead Primary School




By Kealan, aged 10 The Tour-Bot, by Beth, aged 10
Window Cleaning Robot, by Iona, aged 9 By Morven, aged 11


Robot Feedback

Rod on Tour


Rod thought the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Beth and Mike was better than a night out in Robot City!


Pupil Feedback

The thing I liked most was drawing the robots. I found the answers of the questions very fascinating especially about the shading. Paul Collicutt is a very good drawer. Joshua, 10, Gartocharn Primary School.

I loved the visit because Paul was really nice and told us how to draw something with the light and shade. His books were really good and I loved his Indestuctible Man book. It was great. I can't wait to see what his next book is about. Ruaraidh, 10, Gartocharn Primary School.

When Paul, Michael and Beth came to our school I really enjoyed the presentation and the fabulous illustrations. I really enjoyed drawing the robots and learning how to add in effects. I liked getting the badges (I have still got it). But most of all I loved meeting Paul Collicutt and getting his autograph. Janey, 10, Gartocharn Primary School.

I thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Paul Collicutt. It was very interesting, I never knew that authors could be such good drawers as well. I thought it was really fun and entertaining. I loved making and drawing our own robots and he gave me good advice on mine. I always wear the cool badge that we got as well. Laura, 11, Gartocharn Primary School.

I LOVED it! It was so good. It was great how he helped us draw our own robots and signed the small posters and gave us badges. I would definitely want him to come back. Andrew, 10, Milngavie Primary School.

I think that the talk you gave us was very very very very very very good. I have started to write a very very small graphic novel. Daniel, 10, Milngavie Primary School.

I enjoyed Paul's visit very much as it was really good. It inspired me to write comic strips. Sean, 10, Milngavie Primary School.

I really enjoyed his visit in our school because he was really interesting and enthusiastic about all of his drawings. I love his idea all about Robot City. He really interested me that I am now going to create a graphs book all about different graphs. And I am going to make it about robots exactly the same but different robots. Becky, 11, Milngavie Primary School.


Teacher Feedback

This event went extremely well. Paul spent a lot of time with the children as a group and individually, as well as signing books and cards and personalising these with pictures of robots. The children had a fantastic time and were engaged throughout the event! Joan Brock, Carleith Primary School





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