Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Barry Hutchison

Scottish Friendly Assurance

The Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour hit the road again in October, this time taking the brilliant Barry Hutchison down to Manchester to terrify some English pupils!

Barry entertained thousands of children with his tales of why he's afraid of squirrels rising up from the dead, how a porcelain doll terrorised him for over two years and about all the horrifying invisible friends he's come into contact with over the years (including Jojo, the big blue guy with the knife standing right behind him in the picture!). He also may have mentioned some mildly educational things about reading and writing!

Barry wrote a day by day account of his time in the Tour Van you can find out exactly what he thought about being part of the intrepid touring team here on Barry's Blog.

If you're keen to find out more about Barry have a look at his website: if you'd prefer to find out more about his hideous creations why not try the Invisible Fiends website instead:


Teaching Resources

Barry Hutchison: Invisible Fiends and The 13th Horseman

Why not build Barry into your classroom activities by using these excellent teaching resources:


Tour Pictures

Barry reads Mr. Mumbles to pupils from Turton High School Barry talks to pupils at Alder Grange C and T School St. Paul's Peel Primary School, tell me what you're thinking? Invisible Baseball Bats at St. Charles Primary School
Moments before disaster at St. Mary's Primary School Barry isn't happy about something at Z arts Barry tells stories at St. Paul's High School Pupils react to Zombie Squirrels at St. Paul's Church of England Primary School


Creative Writing

Danny and Heather from Year 7 of Turton High School were inspired by Barry to create their very own Invisible Fiends to terrify people everywhere. They were so good we wanted to share them so please click on the links below to read about the spine chilling Nightmare and the horrifying Fred Bear!

 If you are interested in getting your pupils to use their creative side why not try some of our Teaching Resources above to get the ideas flowing.




Pupil Feedback


He is the funniest person I've ever met! He's properly the funniest man in the world. I couldn't breathe because I was laughing too much. After my ribs ached all day! Ethan, 11, Turton High School.

I enjoyed the day very well. The event was very well planned and it was hilariously spent. At parts it was a bit disgusting when he talked about his weird phobia of squirrels. I cannot think of a better day to have spent it than listening to him and his outrageous life stories. I was really inspired by him. My ambitions of wanting to become an author has now become my number 1 dream job. Marie, 13, St. Paul's Catholic High School.

I like the way you inspire children to read Barry Hutchison is really funny and I like that he got that job. Ayah, 8, Rolls Crescent Primary School.

I liked the Barry Hutchison event. I liked (loved) it because of all the things he said. It was so funny. My best (favourite) part was when he went into his friend's house, Derek, and was staring into the toilet to find a big massive POO!! It was so so SO funny!  Chi Chi, 9, Rolls Crescent Primary School.

I liked Invisible Fiends because it is really scary and it was funny. Barry when you were speaking to all of us you made us laugh. I think your books are amazing it made em laugh when you said I'm afraid of squirrels. I love funny and scary books because they make me scared. I have an imaginary friend what makes me scared sometimes. Abdullahi, 8, Rolls Crescent Primary School.

I loved watching the event because I loved his funny stories my favourite was he's scared of squirrels. I found his books very scary. I wish I could watch it all again literally all of it. Louis, 8, Rolls Crescent Primary School.

The Barry Hutchison event was even better than I thought it would turn out! He was very inspirational as well as adding a lot of humour. Talking about his life experiences and the troubles and difficulties and how he overcame those difficulties made me realise that every one has troubles and there is a way to overcome those. It made me strive for my goals without giving up. I kind of want to read more of his book sand I want to become a writer if I have the talent. I want Barry Hutchison to write more books so that there is more adventure to entertain the world. Angela, 13, St. Paul's Catholic High School.

 Yesterday was a good and inspiring experience Barry Hutchison is a great author and an amazing story teller. Yesterday morning was inspiring and inspired me to read more. It was funny and incredibly entertaining. Melissa, 13, St. Paul's Catholic High School.

I really enjoyed the event and it made me want to write my own stories. I thought he was really funny and I liked how he gave us some advice. Hi is a brilliant author and I'm so happy I got the opportunity to experience meeting an author. Lucy, 12, St. Paul's Catholic High School.

I think he is an inspiration to us all with his writing. I thought this was a great opportunity for the school and all the pupils. Tharushika, 12, St. Paul's Catholic High School.

I enjoyed every single second of that day when Barry was there this is the first time I got an autograph of an author. I liked him he was funny imaginative and open! Joel, 12, St. Paul's Catholic High School.

I enjoyed most about the author visit was that he was very funny and explained so fully on what inspired him to create his new books. My friend Rebecca and I were laughing so hard my classmates next to us were worried that we couldn't breathe again! He had such an active imagination! It was brilliant to have me this author. Danielle, 12, Turton High School.

I loved it when Barry Hutchison came I couldn't stop laughing. As soon as he went I went up to the library to all of his books. But when I got up there they were gone I was gutted. He is the funniest person ever it would be awesome if came again. Umar, 11, Turton High School.

The Barry Hutchison event was one of the funniest events ever at school. Shayoon, 12, Turton High School.

I think Barry Hutchison is very funny when he tells stories and makes people smile. I've read the book Mr. Mumbles, I think it's the best horror child book I've ever read. Jack, 12, Turton High School.


Teacher Feedback

Fantastic, the pupils really enjoyed the humour and the enthuiastic approach to writing. Our boys have been inspired. Abi Lee, St. Paul's Primary School.

It was very good and the children were enthusiastic and were still asking questions at the end of the session. Since Barry's visit all his books are out on loan with one child reading 1 a day. Janet Sidebottom, Manchester Creative and Media Academy.

Excellent. Very well organized (we even received Goody bags at the end!) Very positive comments from both staff and pupils. Irena Savova, St. Paul's Catholic High School.

Children loved it and laughed all the way through. Was great to hear them having such a good time. Jenny McGarry, St. Mary's CE Primary School, Moss Side.

Superb. Well organised, engaging and the students were still talking about it a week later! Laura Aspen, Turton High School.

The talk to students was well pitched and entertaining and linked in with lesson series that we had been working on in school over the half term. Rebecca Peak, Alder Grange CT School.

The event was fantastic. The communication and organisation beforehand were excellent and on the day everything went really well. Barry was extremely entertaining and held the year 7s attention completely. Barry was wonderful with the pupils after the event and was very friendly and patient signing books, having photos taken and chatting with the many pupils who waited behind after the event. Andrea Dooley, Alder Grange Community and Technology School.

Fantastic. I can't remember an author visit getting so much positive feedback from both staff and students. Judith Sprawling, Turton High School.