The Wedding photo

By Rebekah MacIver

 In 2007 , when we were all dressed like royalty and wherever you looked were smiles. We all stood where we were placed, with bride and groom in the middle as the photographer took our picture. I remember that day like it only just happened. The joyful laughter and the touching words will always stick in my mind. There is only one copy of that photo left and it stands pride of place in a silver frame in the middle of my desk.


Before the wedding of my mum and step dad, things were more difficult. My dad left when I was only little so my mum had to bring me up on her own. Looking at that picture makes me picture my mum and I flying away from the nest full of bad memories to somewhere we could start fresh. Whenever I’m feeling sad, I will always know to look at that picture and I will always feel my mouth slowly curling into a smile.


When I have friends over, I will always let them look at the photo but never can they touch it. I treat photo like it’s a million pound cheque – I must always know where it is at all times.


The frame itself is treasured. It was given to my mum from her gran. It’s a silver frame with swirls and discrete love hearts with a velvet back. A frame that holds a lot of memories to my mum, and a picture that means a lot to both of us. I could never imagine losing it, it would feel like I'd lost a limb – I would always be looking for it then realise its not there. It only ever get moved if I’m tidying up and need to wipe the dust from underneath it. It’s like a statue for people to look at, and every statue has a different meaning to different people, and that’s exactly what this photo is like.