The photo

By Natalie Carroll

I keep it safe in a box and keep that box safe in a drawer. A picture of me, my little sister and my two older cousins. It was taken two summers ago when we went to m&d’s. It is special and means a lot to me for a few reasons…


One because it’s a picture of me and three of the most important people to me. Two because when I was younger I used to be really close to my cousins, but as we got older we drifted apart and up until really recently we were lucky if we seen each other once a month. Three, because it’s at m&d’s and that’s where me and my cousins used to go a lot and it reminds me of my childhood. Four, at the time I had had a big argument with my best friends and even though I hadn’t seen or spoke to my cousins in months, they were there for me, which reminded me of how important family is.


Whenever I miss how close me and April were, who is now 21, or how we used to always do each others hair and make-up or annoyed her younger brother David who is now 17. Or how every Saturday we would stay with each other and me, April and David would watch The Simpsons for hours! Whenever I miss these memories and so many more, I just look at that picture and other pictures from when we were younger and it reminds me of all these memories. Not all of them are good, some of them are bad, like the time I broke my wrist…


When David and I were fighting and I fell on my wrist and broke it. Or the time me and April had a really big argument. One time when my Mum and Dad were out and my Gran was looking after me, David, April and my younger sister Chloe. Me, David and Chloe were out in the back garden and we soaked Chloe and my Gran thought she had pee’d herself and rushed her back into the house for a bath and all Chloe done was cry. Looking back on it, it was really nasty but it was so funny at the time.


After we got the picture I got it framed even though it’s a horrible picture of me, I still keep it safe in that box, in that drawer, and I will treasure it forever. When we’re all older we can look back and laugh at all the memories. When I look back at all the old pictures I have it makes me smile just thinking about all the memories. The picture from two summers ago makes me happy and sad at the same time, happy because when I miss how things have changed I have pictures like that to remind me of all the memories, and sad because when I do look at the old pictures I realise how much everything has changed. I guess it’s true what they say that a pictures worth a thousand words.