My Favourite Treasure

By Margaret MacBeath

My favourite treasure is my walker. This is my favourite because I was unable to go out on my own and had to have someone with me or I would need to use my wheelchair where someone would need to push me.

I had to make internet friends and sadly I also played Farmville on Facebook (haha), but since I’ve been given a walker it has opened up new opportunities for me.

Since then I have been able to go to disabled clubs, a writers’ group, disabled swimming and a day centre and a library group. Thanks to getting a new walker I ain’t stuck in my bungalow all the time.

My walker has a basket where I can put shopping into it. It has a seat if I get tired.

I still try to be independent to get about my place without my walker. But I learn the hard way when I fall and hurt myself.


I try to go out without my walker. I would be so lost without it, to tell you the truth, as I get stuck quite easily because I have Muscular Dystrophy. That’s why it’s my treasured object.