Auntie Jackie

By Kaitlyn Clark

On the 12th of May 2012 my Auntie Jackie died. She left me my photo that she crossed stitched. She stitched this for when I was born. I’ve always kept it where it can be seen. I take it everywhere with me. On Christmas I take it down to make sure she is there with us. At birthdays I take it there for her company. I take it to my dancing competitions for good luck.

My auntie Jackie died of cancer and a brain tumour. She died on my step dad’s birthday so we always celebrate his birthday a couple of days later. That is when my cousin Mackenzie and my Uncle Paul’s birthday are.

This cross stitched photo has got a picture of Tigger and my name and when I was born. It has blue and pink diamantes on the frame.

This treasure is the best treasure ever. I will never forget my auntie Jackie because of this memory and possession.