The 50-Word Fiction Competition

Can you write a story in just 50 words?

Each month we’ll provide a prompt to get you started, but where the story goes from there is entirely up to you.

The competition includes four categories, Adult Writers, All-age Gaelic Writers, Young Writers 5-11 and Young Writer 12-18. The entries will be judged by a panel and the four winning stories will be published on our website two weeks after the closing date.

A prize will be awarded to a writer in each category:

Whether you're a seasoned writer or you've always fancied picking up a pen, why not give it a go?

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April's prompt

Do Something Great sign

Write a story about someone who stands up for what they believe in.

Do you have a longer tale to tell? We want your rebellious stories as part of our Rebel project, find out more.


How to Enter

Entries for our April competition are currently open. Submit your story by Tuesday 1 May 2018 at noon.

- You can submit one entry to one category per month. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before entering.
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- We welcome entries in Scots or Scottish Gaelic for both categories and thank The Gaelic Books Council for their support in judging our entries.
- Please note that we no longer send acknowledgement emails and due to the large number of entries, we are not able to offer individual feedback.

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March's Winners

Pocket Watch in sand
All-age category winner by Jamie Redgate:

Just got back from my all-inclusive trip to the Minute Before the Big Bang and the Formation of the Universe. Always wanted to see what was up back then. Unfortunately when I arrived there was no gravity, nothing to sightsee, no facilities at all in fact. Zero stars: don’t recommend.


Gaelic Category winner Ann MacLean-Fleming:

Nam sheasamh sa chladh. Deòir air m’ aodann. Bròn gam dhalladh. Duine laghach sa chiste.

Ciamar a bhios mi beò às aonais?  

Ach thill e, mar neach-siubhail ann an tìm, airson innse dhomh gu bheil e sona, gum bi e daonnan còmhla rium. Cha chuir sìorraidheachd fhèin dealachadh eadarainn.

Translation by The Gaelic Books Council:

Standing in the cemetery. Tears on my face. Blinded by grief. A lovely man in the coffin.

How will I live without him?

But he came back, like a traveller through time, to let me know that he’s happy, that he’ll always be with me. Eternity itself won’t separate us.


Young Writers (12-18) category winning story by Ashley Willis, age 16:

Travelling back in time to kiss your tiny palm clinging to life. I'm shredding you out of your skin of wires, machines and pushing you on a swing, healthy giggles erupting the sky. Your life isn't marked on a stone rotting from rain and tears. In the past you breathe.


Young Writers (5-11) category winning story by Maggie Carr, age 8:

5 ways to spot a time traveller.
1. They will never learn to drive.
2. They have no finger nails at all.
3. They will always see you.
4. They are only men.
5. Their eyes are black and unhappy.
Now remember. If you see someone with all of these things... RUN!


Image by annca, Pixabay

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