What Home Means To Me

By Caitlin Skene

Home to me is Auchtermuchty, and I feel honoured to be part of such a cheerful and kind community.

Muchty (as all the locals call it) is a kind and welcoming village. People will always wave to you whatever the weather so if you’re feeling down I can guarantee they’ll cheer you up.

On sunny days I wander down to the bowling club, where I can sit and watch my grandad play bowls. At the bowling club I can get a drink and chat with some of my Grandad’s friends.

When I get bored and it’s not raining I’ll head down to my favourite place in the whole of Muchty, the Skate Park. At the Skate Park, once I start doing the ramps I can’t stop, when I’m there I feel free. I enjoy going to the skate park because I consider it one of my hobbies and something I have a passion for.

When I think of the Skate Park I think of the time when Libby broke her wrist going up the quarter pipe and ended up with a splint on for six weeks! But after she got the splint off she made a miraculous return to the Skate Park and conquered her fear and went up the quarter pipe, but not only did she go up it but she came back down. We were all shocked and extremely impressed!

Another thing that reminds me of home is the sound of the rushing burn. I don’t know if it’s the way it glitters in the sunlight, or if it’s the way that it fills up when it’s raining heavily, or even when I look out of the car window and see the burn, but I always know that I’m at home.

We have many comforting things in Muchty but one of my favourite things is the Common. I am unsure whether it's that when you’re there you feel free or if it’s just the beautiful and comforting view that makes me feel at home.

Auchtermuchty is a friendly community and I feel extremely proud to have been brought up here, and that’s what home means to me.