The Stars Guide Me Home

The Waverley on the Clyde at night

When I glance

to the sky


the stars are


aiming high.

I see a universe

before me -

not black, just dark

indigo and topaz and deep dynamic green.

A billion jewels waiting:

The Big Dipper;

The Great Bear.

Silver dots

close enough to touch -

a stride from my eyes

to their palladium

of light.

Memories in the darkness

not black

but peeping diamonds

winking, watching

from their cosmic stage.

Shadows and shapes;

pinpricks of


journeys, voyages

and distant tides.

Rivers glistening

while only the moon

is listening.

My night, my sky -

high above

the Glasgow Clyde.

I lower my gaze


to the street.

My little street.

I see my garden

and next door’s


I know then


I’m at home.