Scotland For Me

By Margaret Skinner

Home to me represents safety, security, familiarity and somewhere I can be myself.  

Years ago when visiting my sister in Canada for 6 weeks I was very surprised to discover I missed Scotland with a passion and the feeling I had when crossing the border on the London sleeper at 6 a.m. when coming back home was indescribable.  Since then I've come to realise Scotland plays a BIG part in representing 'home' to me - warts an' all - and it inspired me to write this poem (the words fit the tune of Scotland The Brave).


Land of the purple heather

Land of the crazy weather

Land of the friendly blether

Scotland for me.


Land of the glistening rivers

Land of the tasty kippers

Land of the ruined livers

Scotland for me.


Land of the bonny beaches

Land of the awful midgies

Land of the tartan breeches

Haggis, neeps and west coast preachers.


Land of the cosy fireside

Land of the Mars Bar - deep fried!!

Land of the fiercest pride

Scotland for me!