Homeward Bound

By Bertie Smith

When i was 26 years old I decided to emigrate to Australia, it was a very large step to take and I was leaving behind all my family and friends.

I said all my goodbyes to my Mother and relations and found myself down at Dundee's Tay Railway station, where my Father and friends were there to see me off. It was a very emotional send off and boarding the train to London I must admit to feeling very low and wondering what the hell I was doing going so far away from home.

On the flight to Sydney, Australia, my thoughts were very mixed. On one hand I was looking forward to my Australian adventure, and the other reminising what I had left behind.

I found Australia to be a wonderful country, plenty of work, great climate and I made friends easily.

After a few years I found out that although life in Australia was good, there was something missing. I missed my family and friends from home, I also missed Scotland, our culture and way of life.

I decided (after much consideration) to return back home to Scotland. I had left a good life in Australia behind me, but after touching down at Edinburgh airport I knew that I had made the right move.

Home back in Scotland is where I belong, amongst family and friends, work and play, I always feel comfortable with our way of life and I know in my heart that it will always remain so.