Wiggle, Jump, Stomp, Mr Croc

By Jo Lodge


Another fabulous interactive Mr Croc book - with pop ups and tabs.

Year of Publication

Author Biography

Jo Lodge was greatly influenced by two very talented parents - her mother Maureen Roffey who is an illustrator and her father, Bernard Lodge who is an illustrator and a printmaker and also previously worked as a graphic designer. This might explain why both Jo and her sister became illustrators! When Jo was growing up, her mum always encouraged her to draw and make things such as pop up cards. Jo graduated in fashion design from Kingston, and worked for a knitwear company designing their main collection and consulting on projects for Next, Marks and Spencer and Saks Fifth Avenue. Even when in the fashion industry, Jo enjoyed making birthday cards for friends. It was her mum who suggested she had a go at a book and to take the idea to Rod Campbell who published her first six books. Jo was nominated for the Sainsbury's Baby Book Award in October 2001. Since 1992, she has been freelance. Mr Croc was first published in 1994 to instant international success and was a finalist for the Sheffield Baby Book Award in 2007.