The Water Horse

By Julia Gregson



Catherine Carreg has grown up a tomboy, spending her days racing her ponies with Deio, the drover's son, in a small Welsh village. But Catherine is consumed by a longing to escape the monotony of village life and, with Deio's help, runs away to London. Alone in the unfamiliar bustle of the city, Catherine finds a position in a rest home for sick governesses in Harley Street, run by Miss Florence Nightingale. Then, as the nation is gripped by reports of the war in the Crimea, Catherine volunteers as a nurse - and her life changes beyond all recognition. Arriving in Scutari, she is pitched into a living nightmare and, against the passion and heroism of one of the most traumatic wars in history, she is forced to grow up quickly and painfully, and learn the hardest lessons of love and war.

Year of Publication

Author Biography

Julia Gregson has worked as a journalist in the UK and a foreign correspondent in Australia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and in the USA - where she also worked for Rolling Stone and The New York Times. Her short stories have been published in collections and magazines - among others Good Housekeeping and Literary Review - and read on the radio. This is her first novel.