The Monster Who Ate Darkness

By Joyce Dunbar and Jimmy Liao (Illus)
The Monster Who Ate Darkness cover



When a monster's appetite for darkness prevents Jo-Jo from sleeping he discovers that there's more to life than eating. There is a tiny monster under Jo-Jo's bed, who discovers he likes to eat darkness; and the more darkness he eats, the bigger and hungrier he grows. What will happen if the monster eats all the darkness in the world?

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Author Biography

Joyce Dunbar spent several years teaching literature to adults. Then, at the age of thirty-five, she decided to fulfill her childhood dream of writing and hasn't looked back. She has had several books published by Walker Books including Baby Bird (9781844284641), Gander's Pond (9780744563887), Panda's New Toy (9780744563870), The Secret Friend (9780744563900), Shoe Baby (9781406301618) and Tutti Frutti (9780744563894). Joyce lives in Norwich. Jimmy Liao is Asia's most brilliant young illustrator. Jimmy has sold over three million books in the Far East, and has also sold in France, Germany, Greece and the USA. The Monster Who Ate Darkness is the first time that he will have been published by a Western house. It is also the first time that he has illustrated an author's original text.