The Midwife of Venice

By Roberta Rich


Hannah Levi is famed throughout Venice for her skills as a midwife but, as a Jew, the law forbids her from attending a Christian woman. However, when the Conte appears at her door in the dead of night, Hannah's compassion is sorely tested. And with the handsome reward he is offering, she could ransom back her husband.

Year of Publication


A lavishly detailed historical novel Elle Magazine A lively tale involving love, blackmail, family, murder, plague, intercultural compassion, dramatic last-minute rescues and some very creative disguises ... Rich capably depicts the strength of women and the precariousness of their lives, regardless of status or religion The Globe and Mail A compelling and engaging novel, a well-researched high-stakes drama written with elegance and compassion: fascinating! Sandra Gulland A meticulously researched page-turner that evokes renaissance Venice with remarkable clarity, radiance, and vigour William Deverell Not only did Roberta Rich transport me to sixteenth-century Venice, with its seductive tapestry of smells, sights, textures and beliefs, she involved me in a poignant story of seasoned love. I don't know which I admired more - the wonderfully realized setting or the suspenseful story of Hannah and Isaac Katherine Ashenburg

Author Biography

Roberta Rich divides her time between Vancouver and Colima, Mexico. She is a former family law lawyer. This is her debut novel.