The Black Book of Colours

By Menena Cottin, Rosana Faria
The Black Book of Colours cover



Our eyes tell us about colour. But what if you are blind? Can you still know colours? Using simple language and textured art, this book shows you how to 'see' without your eyes. It includes the pages that are black, but using your imagination and your senses you can hear, smell, touch and taste colours.

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Author Biography

Menena Cottin is a graphic designer and illustrator from Caracas, Venezuela. She studied graphic design in Caracas, before moving to New York to study creative writing, children's book illustration and animation. She has several films and children's books to her name. Rosana Faria was also born in Caracas. She studied graphic design at the Neumann Design Institute and now works as a children's book illustration and graphic designer. She has published more than twelve titles and in 1992 was highly commended at the Noma Illustration Contest in Japan.