By Ewan Morrison
Swung by Ewan Morrison



From the moment she first meets him, Alice is aware that David is impotent. To start with, she tells him stories, bedtime stories about couples having sex. They plunge head first into the world of Glasgow swinging. Their journey ends at an orgy with nine other couples in the Black Room. And there, each of them finds what they have been searching.

Year of Publication


Probably the sexiest Scottish novel ever written.  Creatively-blocked artists in stifling marriage spice things up with a spot of partner-swapping. What has been treated only as a tacky and salacious subject in mainstream culture becomes, in Morrison’s hand, rich, moving and psychologically real.  Calvinism is utterly shed as Morrison manages to convince you that monogamy is for terrified squares. - Alan Bissett

Author Biography

Ewan Morrison was an award-winning television director before turning to fiction. His widely acclaimed first collection of short stories, The Last Book You Read, was published by Black and White in 2005.