Run, Elephant, Run

By Patricia MacCarthy


When a storm BURSTS in the rainforest, Little Elephant can't find his mother anywhere. And now a tiger is coming his way...Run, Little Elephant, run! An exciting adventure set in the Indonesian rainforest, with 35 rainforest creatures to spot along the way.

Year of Publication


"This simple-seeming picture book has a great deal to offer, an appealing animal character, a story in which the sense of danger resolves happily, a clever use of text and style to increase language development, an introduction to a beautiful and threatened habitat with endangered wildlife and an opportunity to explore, learn and look closely via compelling illustrations." * Books for Keeps 5 star review * "This has to be one of the most beautiful books we've seen this year..." * Read It, Daddy * "With its wealth of onomatopoeia this is a great book for adding sound effects during a story session. First though, read the story, look closely at the superb visuals and then, using the final puzzle spread, go back through the book and search for the thirty odd rainforest creatures in the richly coloured illustrations." * Red Reading Hub * "An Indonesian rainforest adventure, with 35 creatures to find amongst the lavishly illustrated glossy pages." * Achuka * "The perfect introduction to the amazing rainforest and the need to protect. The illustrations are superb and the use of light and dark are wonderful - causing the children to reach and out and touch the pages." * Let them be Small * "The alliterative patterned language is perfect for children to join in with - 'slip-slop slip-slop; pitter-patter spit spot spot spot; whoosh swoosh whoosh swoosh'." * Parents in Touch * "Great potential as a story book but also a very basic and simple introduction to the subject of rainforests. The illustrations are visually stunning." * Armadillo * "A pulsating adventure that will thrill young readers and listeners." * EYE * "Tremendous illustrations complement precise, present-tense text complete with bold onomatopoeic language and font... an all-enveloping, hugely satisfactory, sensory-rich experience." * Carousel * "Tropical plants and rainforest creatures come to life in vivid detail. Any child who has been lost will relate to this story; the language and illustrations will make it a joy to read." * Kirkus Reviews *

Author Biography

Patricia MacCarthy is an award-winning illustrator. Her recent picture book Moon Forest, published by Frances Lincoln, was nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal for 2014. She has collaborated extensively with the late, highly acclaimed New Zealand author, Margaret Mahy and was awarded the New York Times `Best Illustrated Book of the Year' for 17 Kings and 42 Elephants. Patricia lives and works by the sea in rolling Sussex downland near Brighton, with her husband John and her two sons, Laurie and James.