Richer Than God: Manchester City, Modern Football and Growing Up

By David Conn


David Conn's journey from supporter to sceptic, an impassioned look at what modern football means for its fans.

Year of Publication


'Few have written as intelligently and passionately about the voodoo economics of modern football as the Guardian journalist David Conn' New Statesman. 'a warm memoir of life growing up as a City fan ... an engaging read, whichever team you happen to support' Sport magazine. 'Always gripping, Richer Than God's story of heartbreak and passion is one that any football fan can identify with, and is an essential read for those who wish to be shown the brutal machinations of the modern game ... Lifelong City supporter David Conn relates an extraordinary tale of industrial decline and global deal making' Big Issue. 'no other journalist has pursued the story so exhaustively ... passionately made' Guardian. 'A must read' The Times. 'A brilliant analysis of Abu Dhabi-era Manchester City, English football and post-industrial UK. I loved it' Independent. 'It is a beautifully evocative description not only of City's turbulent recent history, but also of the trials and troubles of Manchester itself' Manchester Evening News. 'City fans ought to devour Conn's story of their club, and, for those interested in the current state of English football, it's equally indispensable' Independent on Sunday. 'More forensic than Hornby's classic [Fever Pitch], it benefits from the author's instinctive knowledge of when to zoom in on his own involvement and when to pull back for the bigger picture' Guardian. 'combines quite brilliantly a tribute to all that his club have achieved while unravelling how the super-wealthy owners are a major part of all that is wrong with football today' Morning Star.

Author Biography

David Conn is an award-winning author, journalist and broadcaster, widely regarded as the foremost investigative writer in football. He writes for the Guardian and was the 2010 Sports News Reporter of the Year. He has three times been named Football Writer of the Year by the Football Supporters' Federation for his investigative work.