Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Brawsome Bagpipes

By Alan Dapre
Porridge cover



Porridge the Tartan Cat (it's a long story involving a tin of tartan paint!) has discovered Grandad is a secret spy -- and he needs help from Porridge and the twins Isla and Ross to defeat his archenemy Fergus McFungus.


'Frequent line illustrations reminiscent of Quentin Blake enrich the story's zippy pace and comedic effect... Readers will enjoy the surprise endings, unusual characters, and absurd humor... these books work wonderfully as silly read alouds.' -- School Library Journal 'A lively mix of splendidly surreal comedy and madcap action... cleverly designed to grab youngsters' attention from the start and keep them hooked to the final page' -- Teachwire 'Hysterical [...] There are some brilliant pictures in them too. My 8-year-old loves reading them himself, and they'd be fab to read to a child too.' -- Library Loves podcast 'Very funny, with loads of illustrations.' -- Suffolk Libraries 'If you like crazy word play, cheeky narrators, off-beat adventures and distinctive settings this could be just what you're looking for... Much as I adore Katie Morag, and have done my time with Balamory, if you want something a little spunkier by way of a giggle inducing and gloriously silly Scottish story, do track down Porridge the Tartan Cat.' -- Playing by the Book 'These stories are full of jokes, puns and madcap action adventure... they are just the sort of books to encourage newly independent readers to enjoy reading.' -- School Library Association