My War Gone by, I Miss it So

By Anthony Loyd


An extraordinary, personal look at modern war by a young correspondent who saw its horrors firsthand, My War Gone By, I Miss It So is already being compared to the classics of war literature.

Born into a distinguished family steeped in military tradition, from his youth Anthony Loyd longed to experience the fury of war from the front lines. Driven by suicidal despair and drug dependence, the former soldier left his native England at the age of twenty-six to cover the bloodiest conflict that Europe had seen since the Second World War -- the war in Bosnia.

Nothing can prepare you for the account of war that Loyd gives. His harrowing stories from the battlefields show humanity at its worst and best, witnessed through the grim tragedies played out daily in the city, streets, and mountain villages of Bosnia and Chechnya.

Profoundly shocking, violent, poetic, and ultimately redemptive, My War Gone By, I Miss It So is an uncompromising look at the terrifying brutality of war. It is a breathtaking, soul-shattering book, an intense and moving piece of reportage that you won't put down and will never be able to forget.