Morvern Callar

By Alan Warner
Morvern Callar



Morvern Callar, a low-paid employee in the local supermarket in a desolate and beautiful port town in the west of Scotland, wakes one morning in late December to find her strange boyfriend has committed suicide and is dead on the kitchen floor. Morvern's reaction is both intriguing and immoral. What she does next is even more appalling. Moving across a blurred European landscape — from rural poverty and drunken mayhem of the port to the Mediterranean rave scene — we experience everything from Morvern's stark, unflinching perspective.

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Alan Warner’s eponymous heroine is a singular creation; both ruthless and guileless, calculating and chaotic, open to what life has to offer and very aware of the proximity of death. Her parochial life is transformed when she passes off her late boyfriend’s novel as her own and Warner effortlessly moves between the uncanny and the specific in this strangest of coming of age stories. -- Stuart Kelly

Author Biography

Scottish novelist Alan Warner was born in 1964.

Together with Irvine Welsh and A. L. Kennedy he is seen by many critics as one of the most exciting voices in contemporary Scottish literature.

He is the author of several novels: the acclaimed Morvern Callar (1995), winner of a Somerset Maugham Award; These Demented Lands (1997), winner of the Encore Award; The Sopranos (1998), winner of the Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year Award; The Man Who Walks (2002), an imaginative and surreal black comedy; and The Worms Can Carry Me to Heaven (2006). Morvern Callar has been adapted as a film, and The Sopranos is to follow shortly.

His short story 'After the Vision' was included in the anthology Children of Albion Rovers (1997) and 'Bitter Salvage' was included in the Disco Biscuits (1997).

Alan Warner lives in County Wicklow in Ireland. In 2003 he was nominated by Granta magazine as one of 20 'Best of Young British Novelists'. His latest novel is The Stars in the Bright Sky (2010), a sequel to The Sopranos.