By Keith Gray


Within a few hours of starting at a new school, John Malarkey, a strong-minded teenager, is accused of a theft he did not commit. As he tries to sort out the problem and deal with the pupils who used him as a scapegoat, he gets himself into much deeper trouble.

John’s struggle to prove his innocence and smash the gang (which is, in effect, controlling the school) is recounted in gritty language, and the last chapter provides a dramatic conclusion to a powerful story line that is not afraid to confront the horrors of bullying and blackmail.

Year of Publication

Author Biography

Keith was born and brought up in Grimsby and knew from an early age that he wanted to be a writer. When he received 0% for his accountancy exams he decided to pursue his dream. Since then, he has gone on to win numerous awards. Rave reviews about his writing have appeared in every broadsheet. Keith was a judge for the Blue Peter Book Award, the Guardian Fiction Prize, the Smarties Prize and the Bookstrust Teen Prize and reviews regularly for the Guardian. Keith is now a full-time writer living in Edinburgh with his girlfriend and his cockatiel.