Lunch Witch #1

By Deb Lucke
Lunch Witch cover



Grunhilda inherits her famous ancestors' recipes and cauldron, but no one believes in magic anymore. She delights in scaring the kids until she meets a timid little girl named Madison, who becomes an unlikely friend. Madison needs help at school and at home. Will this girl be able to thaw the Lunch Witch's icy heart?

Year of Publication

Author Biography

DEB LUCKE is a writer and illustrator of children's books with an interest in bad behavior and horribly embarrassing incidents. Since her own childhood had plenty of both she is never short of material. Prior to getting involved in children's books Deb worked with a lot of talented people in advertising from whom she learned how to trap and snare an idea. She also studied filmmaking which influenced the way she visually tells her stories. She finds camaraderie in a group of children's book illustrators that meets in the Hudson Valley and a group of writers that meets in New York. Deb lives and works in Cold Spring with her partner, Paul Hartzell, a writer. Both are occasionally badly behaved.