Fallen Superheroes

By Scott Allen Perry

Year of Publication


"Together with writers Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock, Eric Curtis created Fallen Superheroes to catch the attention of superhero lovers who are open to some belly-jiggling laughs." --www.forevergeek.com " Fallen Superheroes imagines the daily lives of second-rate superheroes who may have put on a few pounds here and there. Disheveled, worn out, or simply mildly deranged, Curtis's superheroes indulge in life's simple pleasures." --www.flavorwire.com "We get a strong sense of this world, where some incredibly powerful beings do battle in mundane housing developments, while others cultivate eccentric hobbies; some don't bother to take off the suit before doing their chores, while others enjoy the finer things in life." --io9.com "Shot in various real-life locations, featuring some very interesting Lycra-clad creativity, adorned with random and witty--sometimes randomly witty--captioning, Fallen Superheroes probably can't compete with that copy of Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life collection sitting on your coffee table, but it will probably make you smile more." --BookFetish "It's funny, sad, beautiful, ugly and entirely worth reading." -- Photographers Forum Magazine