Eat Your Peas

By Kes Gray
Peas cover



Daisy is a sassy, know-it-all kid who likes to point out adult inconsistencies. Luckily she has a mum with a great sense of humor. These two are friends as well as parent and child, and their mutual teasing reflects a very current and common style of parenting.

In the first book in this popular UK series, "Eat Your Peas," Daisy and her mum engage in a dinnertime debate over Daisy's reluctance to eat her peas. Her mum, in humorous desperation, offers her increasingly outrageous incentives to eat the unpleasant vegetables until Daisy points out that Mum doesn't eat her brussels sprouts. This dinnertime battle of wills is sure to amuse children and parents alike, as it shows the power of vegetables to turn a meal into an epic struggle

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