Dragon Feathers

By Andrei Dugin (Illus), Olga Dugina (Illus), Arnica Esterl


A poor woodcutter's son is sent to the dark forest to pluck three feathers from the dragon's back. Will he succeed?

Year of Publication


'This is a feel good read with beguiling illustrations that will excite any child and adult. Indeed the illustrations themselves are so interesting and mystifying, hours could be spent deciphering them alone.' -- Anna Griffin, School Librarian, spring 2011. 'The illustrations, however, are spendidly bizarre. The double page spreads present the romantically embellished medieval fairy world of traditional illustration, but the rural idyll has been subtly infiltrated by the grylli, wheeled hybrid creatures and animated bagpipes and Hieronymus Bosch... The text is nestled in a mysteriously extravagant dreamscape which will keep obersvant children wondering and searching for hours. A splendid book.' -- Books for keeps, September 2010