Secrets & Confessions: Get the Book!

With stories from the Scottish public plus well-known writers including Renita Boyle, Juno Dawson and Billy Letford, this is an absorbing read tinged with humour, scandal and thought-provoking moments.

A present from us to you to celebrate Book Week Scotland 2016, we hope the stories inside will touch your heart, lift your spirits and inspire you.


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Where to get your free copy

The book has been distributed far and wide across Scotland - you can find a copy in libraries, bookshops including Waterstones branches, cinemas, hospitals, cafes, universities, colleges, churches, museums, galleries, Visit Scotland information centres and hundreds of other places across the country. Pick up your copy now!

To download the eBook

This eBook is available in both Kindle and epub files.

If you use a Kindle, please download the file labelled ‘Secrets & Confessions for Kindle’, then email the downloaded file to your Kindle account.

If you would like to view Secrets & Confessions on a non-Kindle e-reader (iPad/iPhone, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader and other .epub compatible devices) please download the file labelled ‘Secrets & Confessions for E-reader’.

You can also read Secrets & Confessions on your computer by opening the Secrets & Confessions for E-reader’ file with a desktop e-reader. If you need information about how to get set up with a free desktop e-reader, read this article.

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Read individual stories

Renita Boyle
The Little Red Library

Steve Brusatte
Confessions of a Palaeontologist

Jo Clifford
The Confession

Juno Dawson
The Ten Confessions of Juno Dawson

Alison Lang
Feumaidh mi Aideachadh/I Have to Confess

Billy Letford
The January Fashion Confession

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

Lisa McInerney
Bad Behaviourism

Wayne Price
Things of the World

Chiew-Siah Tei

Frances Ainslie
Sugar Frosties

Diane Anderson
The Rael Reet o the Problem

Rab B
Superglue and Tights

Audrey Biscotti
The Call Came

Gail A Brown
Secrets of a Dog Lover

Claire Brunton
When All You Need is a Fan Heater

Shona Cook


Alice Dawson
The Changeling

Rùn-dìomhair; Rùn Dìomhair, Pearsanta?/The Personal Secret

Stephen Frame
A Gift of Knowing

David Gilchrist
I Must Confess What I Like the Best!

Norma Austin Hart
The Unsung Hero

Aynsleigh Hollywood
I Haven’t Been Breathing Lately

Lachie Johnston
My Medals for Running

Sandra Kohls

Christine Laurenson
A Blessing of Frogs

Kirsty Lear-Grant

Bruce Lumsden
I Didn’t Usually Tell People

Mhairi Mackay

Gill Monaghan
General Lending

Emma J Myatt
After the Dark Night Comes the Morning

Alexander Nicoll
Night Call

M J Petrie
I See Ghosts

Jeni Rankin
Your Call or Mine?

Emma Raymond
The Feminist

Glenn Robinson
The Onion Ceremony

Zoe Sutherland
My Secret Beach

Jane Swanson
Presto Pronto

M A Toothill
Open Letter to Saul

Ailie Wallace
Pluggin It

Mark Wightman
The Summer of Jimi Hendrix