Order Free Copies of 'Rebel' to Give Away

This year we’re really excited to share Rebel, our book of writing from across Scotland. Anyone can order copies of the book for free (minimum order 25 copies) to give away to family, friends, colleagues and other people in their community. Order your books now using the short SurveyMonkey form below. 


About Rebel

Rebel is a collection of stories and poems written by the public and some of Scotland’s most talented authors. It is the culmination of a 3-month long writing project run by the Scottish Book Trust in 2018.

The book has been created as a gift for Scotland for Book Week Scotland and will be distributed across the country during Book Week Scotland, which takes place from Monday 19 – Sunday 25 November 2018.


Book GIfting

There are some really straightforward things that you can do to encourage people to take and read Rebel

  • Remember it’s a gift – giving it to someone is a great way to show your appreciation and to make them feel special
  • Dip into it yourself and have a few favourites to talk about
  • Gift it by hand and start a chat about reading
  • Create a fun display that explains a little about Book Week Scotland and the project!


Intended Audience

Hopefully the book will appeal to everyone!

We think the theme is one everyone can relate to: we all rebel, it’s part of what makes us human to occasionally do, or say, things we know we shouldn’t. Rebellion allows us to express our individuality by challenging expectation or convention. There are stories that will move you and stories that will make you laugh out loud.

The book is appropriate for all adult readers from bookworms to learners although as some stories feature strong language and mature themes the book is only suitable for ages 14+

Book Week Scotlands runs Monday 19 – Sunday 25 November 2018. Please don't give any books away before that date! 

Order your books via our online Survey Monkey form below. Orders will be distributed toward the end of October. If you have any queries about your order please get in touch with Gordon at gordon.connelly@scottishbooktrust.com


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