Book Week Scotland for Libraries

Libraries are at the very heart of the Book Week Scotland 2014 programme. The week aims to celebrate libraries and shine a light on the place they occupy in communities. Find out more about how libraries can get involved in Book Week Scotland below.

Love letters to libraries
Artworks for libraries
Jackie Kay

Love Letters to Libraries

Find out the details of the campaign to encourage people to express what libraries mean to them and download a template for use in your library

Artworks for libraries

This Book Week Scotland, five artists to create artworks for five Scottish libraries. Find out more here!

Dear Library

Read the Love Letter to Libraries written by best-selling author and poet Jackie Kay

Scottish books list
Reading pledge

Scottish book lists

Dozens of Scottish books lists that will inspire your next read

Reading Pledges

We're asking people to make a committment to read during Book Week Scotland. Find out more and make your pledge today!