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Every year, schools, companies, students and local communities all over Scotland hold a Book Sale during Book Week Scotland (19-25 November 2018) to raise funds to support the life changing work of Scottish Book Trust. 

"We held a Book Sale at our workplace as we felt Scottish Book Trust promote causes close to our heart in terms of literacy and book awareness. Staff were happy to donate books in the week before the sale and once the sale began it provoked much discussion about the types of books that had been brought in and what bargains had been found. Some staff contributed baking which went down well in addition to the books. All in all it was a fun social occasion which wasn’t difficult to organise using the helpful guidelines provided by the Scottish Book Trust." Keith Walters, Trade Data Manager at Bibliographic Data Services.

We passionately believe that a book is more than just a story. A love of reading inspires creativity and so much moreReading improves employability, supports better mental health and wellbeing, and is one of the most effective ways to help children escape the poverty cycle.

With Book Week Scotland 2018 just around the corner, we are looking for more people than ever to get involved with our annual Book Sale. By having a Book Sale fundraiser, you are helping us to reach more children and adults through our programmes and inspiring them to develop a love of reading and reach their potential.


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