When the Internet Turns Bad...

It connects us all but what happens when it breaks us?

Some claim the internet has had as big an impact on human civilisation as the Industrial Revolution. Seen by some as a gateway to utopia and others as something to fear, these books explore what happens when the greatest communication technology ever known threatens to destroy us.

Meatspace cover

2. Meatspace

Nikesh Shukla
Viral cover

3. Viral

Helen FitzGerald
Snow Crash cover

4. Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson
Neuromancer cover

5. Neuromancer

William Gibson
Taipei cover

8. Taipei

Tao Lin
Ripper cover

10. Ripper

Isabel Allende
Bleeding Edge cover

11. Bleeding Edge

Thomas Pynchon
Circle cover

12. The Circle

Dave Eggers

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