The Long Road to Freedom

13 books about South Africa

On 5 December 2013, one of the world's greatest champions of freedom, Nelson Mandela, died in South Africa. His extraordinary life--from activist to prisoner to leader of his nation--reads like a great novel, but his is not the only story to come out of the Rainbow Nation. In honour of Mandela, here are some books that shed some light on the country he loved, for better and for worse.

5. Bitter Fruit

Achmat Dangor
Ancestral Voices cover

6. Ancestral Voices

Etienne van Heerden
Disgrace cover

7. Disgrace

J M Coetzee
Dog Eat Dog cover

9. Dog Eat Dog

Niq Mhlongo

11. Thirteen Cents

K. Sello Duiker
Choke Chain cover

14. Choke Chain

Jason Donald

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