The Fall of the Gods

With great power can come a great fall

When we think of gods, we tend to think of omnipotent beings that can be and do anything they want, but honestly, that can get a bit dull after a while, especially if you're reading about it. Let's face it, most of us read stories about powerful beings so we can revel in their destruction. Here are 11 books that can feed that particular hunger.

Am Gods cover

1. American Gods

Neil Gaiman

2. The Hurricane Party

Klas Ostergren
Theogony cover

3. Theogony

Ragnarok cover

4. Ragnarok

A S Byatt

5. The Fire Gospel

Michel Faber
Deathless cover

6. Deathless

Catherynne M Valente
Writing in the Sand cover

7. Writing in the Sand

Angus MacKay Dunn
The Fall of Gods cover

8. The Fall of Gods

Con Template
Pawn of Prophecy cover

9. Pawn of Prophecy

David Eddings
The Silmarillion cover

10. The Silmarillion

J R R Tolkien
Bloodsong cover

11. Bloodsong

Melvin Burgess

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Brianne Moore

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