The Best of Banks

SBT staffers pick their favourite Iain Banks books

Iain Banks was a great figure in literature, and following his death at the age of 59, he has been sincerely mourned by family, friends and fans all over the world. Though he left us early, he leaves behind an impressive body of work -- 27 novels that encompass both literary and science fiction. Here, Banks fans at SBT remember some of their favourites among his books.

And you can listen to a review of Iain Banks' final novel The Quarry on this edition of our Book Talk podcast:

1. Feersum Endjinn

Iain M. Banks

3. Inversions

Iain M. Banks

4. Look to Windward

Iain M. Banks

6. Surface Detail

Iain M Banks

7. The Algebraist

Iain M. Banks

8. Complicity

Iain Banks
The Bridge cover

9. The Bridge

Iain Banks
Canal Dreams by Iain Banks

10. Canal Dreams

Iain Banks

11. The Crow Road

Iain Banks

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Brianne Moore

Brianne is a website editor with Scottish Book Trust