Scots Language Books for Teens

Ideas for those with a few more Scots skills

A varied selection of Scots language contemporary short stories, classics, graphic novels - and even history - for the more accomplished Scots reader.

You can find these books, and many more Scots language books, in your local library.


5. Kidnappit

Robert Louis Stevenson
Hoose o Haivers cover

6. The Hoose o Haivers

Susan Rennie, Matthew Fitt, James Robertson
Asterix and the Pechts

8. Asterix and the Pechts

Jean-Yves Ferri
Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon

9. Sunset Song

Lewis Grassic Gibbon
The Adventurs o Tintin: The Derk Isle

10. The Adventurs o Tintin: The Derk Isle

Herge, Susan Rennie (Translator)

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Katrina Lucas

Katrina Lucas is a Scots Language Co-ordinator with Education Scotland