Greco-Roman Reading

Ben Kane's 8 stirring stories about ancient Rome and Greece

Unsurprisingly, historical fiction novels feature heavily on my reading list. Many of my favourites are about Rome, and sometimes Greece. It sounds stereotyped, but the more I learn about ancient times, the more I find that nothing changes. We have far more in common with the peoples of two thousand years ago than I once imagined.

1. The Boat of Fate

Keith Roberts
Eagle of the Ninth cover

2. The Eagle of the Ninth

Rosemary Sutcliff
Eagle in the Snow cover

3. Eagle in the Snow

Wallace Breem

5. The Wedding Shroud

Elisabeth Storrs
Tyrant cover

6. Tyrant

Christian Cameron
Gates of Fire cover

7. Gates of Fire

Steven Pressfield
Pompeii cover

8. Pompeii

Robert Harris

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Ben Kane
Ben Kane

Ben Kane is a novelist best known for his historical fiction set in the ancient Roman empire. His latest novel, Hannibal: Fields of Blood, was released in early June 2013.