Graphic Novels Based on Myths and Legends

Glorious gods and mythical monsters

If you're a fan of beautiful illustrations and good old fashioned storytelling, then come get some in these gripping tales! Some are straightforward re-tellings, others re-imagine mythical characters in new settings, and some blend the myth and superhero genres. Want to see Ares, Greek God of War, team up with Gotham City's criminals? You've come to the right place.

Sandman cover

1. The Sandman

Neil Gaiman (author) Sam Kieth (illustrator)
Graphic Myths series

2. Graphic Myths series

Martin Powell, Nel Yomtov and Blake A. Hoena
Thor, God of Thunder: the God Butcher

3. Thor, God of Thunder: the God Butcher

Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic
Gods of Asgard

4. Gods of Asgard

Erik A. Evensen
Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost

5. Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost

Phil Jimenez, J.M. DemAtteis, George Perez and Joe kelly

6. 300

Frank Miller and Lynn Varley

7. Three

Kieron Gillen
The Wicked and the Divine

8. The Wicked and the Divine

Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson, Clayton Cowles

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Chris Leslie

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