Getting Political, Just for a Laugh

Jonathan Whitelaw shares 10 great political satires

Who said politics had to be boring? For some, the mention of bills, motions and houses full of representatives is enough to make you roll your eyes and nod off to sleep. And for the most part that’s completely true. Thankfully though, that’s never stopped writers from having some fun.

From the seedy underworld of lobbying to wit so sharp it'll cut you open, political satire can take many shapes and forms. When it comes to cracking gags and making jokes, it is that rarest of genres, one that writes itself. After all, the truth is so strange it couldn’t be made up.

Here are my ten favourites to keep you turning the page and giggling yourself silly.

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Jonathan Whitelaw
Jonathan Whitelaw

Jonathan is a journalist and writer of adult fiction. His debut novel – Morbid Relations – is a dark comedy about a failing stand-up comedian and his strained relationship with his family. Scribbling from before he could walk, his fingers are never far away from the keyboard. A self-confessed popular culture geek, he enjoys music, cinema, the theatre and football. He lives in Edinburgh with his partner Anne-Marie. Learn more at or follow him on Twitter @JDWhitelaw13