Friendly Ghosts and Monsters (3-7)

Books to dispel childhood fears

A child's imagination can turn a dark bedroom into a hotbed of potential paranormal goings-on. Help put their fears to rest with this loveable cast of soft-hearted misfits.

Billy Monster's Daymare by Alan Durant & Ross Collins

1. Billy Monster's Daymare

Alan Durant and Ross Collins
The Monster Who Ate Darkness cover

2. The Monster Who Ate Darkness

Joyce Dunbar and Jimmy Liao (Illus)
Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo cover

4. Do Not Enter the Monster Zoo!

Amy Sparkes and Sara Ogilvie (Illus)
Monster Bed cover

5. The Monster Bed

Jeanne Willis and Susan Varley (Illus)
Under the Bed cover

7. Under the Bed

Paul Bright and Ben Cort (Illus)
The Dark cover

8. The Dark

Lemony Snicket, Jon Klassen (Illus)

9. The Elephantom

Ross Collins
Black Dog cover

10. Black Dog

Levi Pinfold

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