Fiction Featuring Mary, Queen of Scots

Scotland's most infamous queen comes to life

450 years ago, Mary, Queen of Scots, one of history's more unfortunate monarchs, escaped to England after an uprising in her home country. Expecting a warm welcome from her 'sister monarch' (and cousin) Elizabeth, she was, instead, imprisoned for nearly 20 years before being executed for conspiring to overthrow Elizabeth.

Mary has long been a fascinating figure: Queen of Scotland before she was a week old, raised abroad and crowned Queen of France at 16 before being widowed only two years later, she returned to a country roiled by aristocratic infighting and religious upheaval. Her refined French tastes and Catholicism did not stand her in good stead with the rough-and-tumble Protestant lords of Scotland, and her marriage to the feckless Lord Darnley didn't help matters. Nor did his mysterious death and her swift remarriage to his alleged killer just a few years later. With so much drama to mine, is it any wonder writers are drawn to her?

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