Essential Scottish Sci-fi

12 titles no sci-fi lover should be without

Science fiction has many strands and can be as fun and/or serious as your tastes demand. You can choose from philosophical musings to pulp action, from hard science to science fantasy, from the far future to the day after tomorrow.

Scotland has produced a diverse range of fiction to add to this weave. Try some of these works as an essential introduction to new worlds and speculations on Scotland’s future. 

History maker cover

3. A History Maker

Alasdair Gray

4. Halting State

Charles Stross

5. WE3

Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

6. Judge Dredd: The Complete America

John Wagner and Colin MacNeil

7. Strontium Dog: Portrait of a Mutant

Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra
Final Days cover

8. Final Days

Gary Gibson

List created by

John Birch
John Birch

John Birch is Senior Acquisitions Librarian at the National Library of Scotland and recently curated an exhibition on Scottish Science Fiction called ‘It’s life Jimmy but not as we know it!”