Coffee Table Picture Books

Celebrate the beauty of these 12 picture books

These beautiful picture books aren't just for kids; stunning illustrations and colourful design make them works of art in their own right. 

Home cover

3. Home

Carson Ellis
Footpath Flowers cover

4. Footpath Flowers

Jon Arno Lawson, Sydney Smith (Illus)

6. Botanicum: Welcome to the Museum

Kathy Willis, Katie Scott (Illus)
Book of Birds cover

7. My Book of Birds

Geraldo Valerio
Bear and Piano cover

8. The Bear and the Piano

David Litchfield
Hello World cover

10. Hello World: A Celebration of Languages and Curiosities

Jonathan Litton, L'Atelier Cartographik (Illus)

11. A Child of Books

Sam Winston, Oliver Jeffers (Illus)
Cover of An Artist's Alphabet

12. An Artist's Alphabet

Norman Messenger