Books to Challenge Confident Readers (8-11)

Books to stretch and captivate confident readers

Confident younger readers can at times struggle to find books which challenge them but also have age-appropriate content. Stories written for a teenage audience may well be interesting, but they often have concepts and situations that many younger children do not yet have the emotional maturity to deal with. This selection of books hopefully has something for everyone, whether children prefer historical fiction, fantasy, technological stories or humour. Under My Hat is an anthology of short stories that allows children to sample different authors and hopefully find new favourites. The Hobbit graphic novel is beautifully illustrated and would be a good lead-in to reading the novels. My own preference is for Garth Nix’s Sabriel: it has an epic journey, action and adventure, and is the first book in a fantastic trilogy that makes heroes out of librarians!

Coram Boy cover

1. Coram Boy

Jamila Gavin

3. Dot Robot

Jason Bradbury
Larklight cover

5. Larklight

Philip Reeve, David Wyatt (Illus)
Sabriel cover

6. Sabriel

Garth Nix
Montmorency cover

7. Montmorency

Eleanor Updale
Remembrance cover

8. Remembrance

Theresa Breslin

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